English, the window to the net, helps maintain peace.

In this age of the internet, English is the window of knowledge, the basis of education. In order to maintain peace, education will prove effective in the long run.

Education does not give rise to trouble, nor does it cause opposition. It is truly the “soft power.”

Most of the world’s population falls into the category of English learners. This includes those of many impoverished nations who do not have the benefit of computers. Distribution of English picture flashcards to the schools and libraries of these countries would serve to boost the diffusion of the English language.

As a social contribution we have, in the past, donated English learning materials to school children in Nepal, therefore we are well aware of how picture flashcards appeal to the inquisitive minds of children.

The number of sight-impaired people in the world has risen to 2.6% (WHO data), it is imperative that basic English learning be provided in Braille.

However, because it is a high cost process to produce material with Braille lettering and does not serve as a base for business, it becomes necessary to rely on social contributions and donations.